Co-founder, Program Director, Administrator d'Arts

Caitlin Duffy Soldo

Caitlin has been drawn to the arts since she was a toddler, taking fine arts classes throughout her childhood and ultimately studying fine art and anthropology at Drew University, where she earned her BA in those disciplines.

Post-college, Caitlin pursued fashion and retail management in the greater New York City area while simultaneously moonlighting as a freelance artist. As a member of various retail management teams during this time, she focused her artistic background on visual display and merchandising, as well as garment styling and outfitting. In addition to her visual responsibilities, she was a critical member of team leadership, she trained and developed staff, and directed day-to-day business operations.

After leaving the retail industry several years ago, Caitlin’s career changed direction when she undertook the exciting adventure of providing childcare services to children ages three and under, an experience that offered her plenty of opportunities to create art with and teach art to her tiny charges. It was this experience that inspired her to pursue her artistic passions professionally and compelled her to share them with a new generation of budding artists, particularly with those who may not otherwise have appropriate access to art programs.

At ArtisticallyAbled, Caitlin serves as the driving force behind our creative content and the artistic direction of our programming, and she is the head art teacher. She also shares her operations expertise in helping manage the organization’s business needs.

Outside of ArtisticallyAbled, Caitlin is a working artist who continues to freelance on a variety of projects.

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