Create and play at our fun STEAM- and sensory-inspired stations!

Weekday SmART StART drop-in hours

Looking for a smART way to jump-stART your child’s day and their imagination? We’ve got you covered!

Our multi-sensory SmART StART stations allow you to nurture your little one’s creativity, experience the developmental benefits of early exposure to the arts and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics), and bond with your favorite tyke … all in the context of casual, creative play.

lego man

Saturday drop-in time

Our Saturday drop-in experience follows a similar model to our SmART StART offering, but it’s geared toward kids and teens of all ages and not just our pint-sized Picassos!

We love that kids and teens can pop in on a weekend whim and experiment at our multiple creative art stations! It’s a great option for those who can’t commit to a full semester of classes or who don’t thrive in a structured class with assigned projects.

Each Saturday features four stations: painting, drawing, sculpting, and a surprise medium or craft each week. Artists are welcome to stay for however long they feel inspired to create…our studio is their studio! This is an open-house experience where our artists determine what they’ll make and how they’ll make it. In other words, this class is an independent “study” of sorts – not teacher-led – so children under 4 must be accompanied by a grown-up chaperone.

Weekday SmART StART details:

  • SmART StART drop-in hours are available every weekday from 10:00am – 12:00pm, and are open to all children ages 2-6*
  • $15 per child per visit (or $135 for a 10-visit package — woohoo for discounts!); pay upon arrival or prepay online
  • Kiddos have a blast exploring our multiple art stations and our STEAM- and sensory-based games and activities! 
  • Stay, create, and explore for as long as your artist is feeling inspired
  • SmART StART is not a formal art class but rather an open, child-led creative exploration; caretaker supervision is required (and participation strongly encouraged!) 

*Please view our semester calendar for pertinent dates, and stay updated on last-minute schedule changes by following us on Facebook.

Saturday details:

  • Saturday drop-in time is open to kids and teens 2+ from 10:30am – 11:30am 
  • $15 per child per visit (or $135 for a 10-visit package — woohoo for discounts!); pay upon arrival or prepay online
  • Stimulating creative experiences at stations appropriate for all ages 
  • Caretaker participation is required for children under 4