We bring the visual (sm)arts to your school or program!

School SmARTS programs

Our premier (and most popular) offering, ArtisticallyAbled’s School SmARTS programs bring the visual arts, a little art history, and a whole lot of fun directly into your classroom!

We know that not every school, class, or budget is built the same, and that’s why we offer three tiers of adaptive School SmARTS classes.

Two of these options are for schools seeking recurring classes that feature ArtisticallyAbled’s custom, art-history-inspired curricula: our Preschool SmARTS & Crafts sessions are short, crafty classes specifically designed for our pint-sized Picassos, and our Fine SmARTS classes are art lessons for “big kids” (kindergartners through young adults) that are longer in duration and more fine-arts-based.

For schools or programs that are looking to host the occasional creative experience rather than a recurring, curriculum-driven class, we offer SmARTS à la carte sessions.

See below for more detailed descriptions of these classes and how they differ from one another.


Overview of School SmARTS programs

Overview of SmARTS programs

Pictured below: Several components of a School SmARTS lesson on abstraction, featuring the work of Piet Mondrian

Samples of Mondrian's work

Samples of Mondrian’s work

Project mock-up

Project mock-up

Project activity schedule

Project activity schedule

No matter which School SmARTS program you choose, our approach and methodology are the same: we are committed to making an arts education and stimulating creative experiences accessible to everyone in the classroom; we are committed to adapting our lessons and projects to suit the needs of ALL of our students; we are committed to cultivating a no-pressure creative experience (three cheers for process over product!); and we are committed to having a TON of fun together!

Spotlight on a frequently asked question: What does class-time look like?

Each of our School SmARTS sessions begins with a brief “show and tell” lesson about what we’ll be exploring that day: we talk about and visually demonstrate the style/type of art that has inspired our project; we often discuss a talented artist who exemplifies that type of art; and we walk through the details of the project we’ll be creating by sharing verbal, visual, and tactile instructions.

During the creative process that follows, our instructors (2-3 per class, including our BCBA) are there to help artists navigate each step of the project while simultaneously encouraging them to make the project their own (art is all about self-expression, after all!).

We are always prepared to modify our teaching style, the materials we use, and the projects themselves should a student not feel engaged by the lesson in its original form. For most classes, we even bring multiple copies of activity schedules (detailed visual guides that outline each step of the creative process with photographs and text), which are often very helpful for students who find it easier to follow a visual explanation over oral instructions.

To encourage artistic exploration beyond our visits, each student receives a take-home packet that includes an overview of what we experienced in class along with some activity pages related to the art style/artist we learned about.

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