Semester-long, curriculum-driven classes

Multimedia Frida
Lichtenstein study
Abstract Impressionism study
Degas impressionism
Still life study
Still life study: modification
Surrealism-Dali study
Ming Dynasty ceramics
Monet study


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The curriculum

 Each of our semesters takes artists enrolled in one of the above classes on an exciting journey through art history! Our weekly projects — which typically are inspired by a specific artist, piece of artwork, or art movement — expose students to different art eras, forms, styles, and media. (We even listen to music that relates to or inspires/has been inspired by the artist and/or style we’re exploring!)

Our method emphasizes exposure and experience over technique and expertise, and, while we certainly don’t ignore the latter two, our goal isn’t perfection. 

All of our formal classes follow the same weekly curriculum, but we modify the project by age, interest, and ability so that each student leaves class feeling successful and fulfilled. Check out weekly meeting times here.

Trial classes

 Want to check it out for yourself? We find the best way to get a taste of our program is to attend one of our Saturday à la carte sessions, which are available September through June. These “one-off” sessions follow the same curriculum as our structured courses and are a great opportunity to feel things out and decide whether our program and space is a good match for your kiddo. We offer these classes nearly every weekend, so feel free to sign up for a session that’s convenient for you.

Enrollment deadline

The enrollment deadline for each semester is one day in advance of the semester’s start date, unless otherwise noted. We often accept late enrollments through the mid-point of the semester. Call us to inquire if you are interested in registering after our start date.

We recommend registering as a site user and logging in before you begin the enrollment process so that you are able to save your progress and return to the application at a later time. Once you are logged in, your answers will be saved for 60 days, and you can return to complete the application at your convenience.

Additionally, registering as a user will give you access to the Parent Portal, where you can download helpful documents.

Impressionism study
Bird portrait
Miro surrealism
Pop art-Haring study
Abstraction-Mondrian study
Fresco study
Collage study
Pointillism study
Abstract-Kandinsky study