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Multimedia Frida
Lichtenstein study
Abstract Impressionism study
Degas impressionism
Still life study
Still life study: modification
Surrealism-Dali study
Ming Dynasty ceramics
Monet study

 We can’t lie … we’re big fans of our Preschool SmARTS & Crafts and Fine SmARTS curricula! 

Our curricula are designed to take students on an exciting journey through art history. Whether you opt into the minimum eight visits or invite us to visit weekly throughout the school year, we plan our projects — which are inspired by a specific artist, piece of artwork, or art movement — with the goal of exposing our students to as many different art eras, forms, styles, and media as possible during in our time together. And we design them with adaptability in mind so that it is easy to make modifications before (or even during!) our sessions.

Our journey typically begins by exploring some type of ancient art, and then we work our way through the decades (or centuries!) to get a taste of how the visual arts have evolved over time. (See the sample curriculum below.)

Our teaching method emphasizes exposure and experience over technique and expertise, and, while we certainly don’t ignore the latter two, our goal isn’t perfection. We simply want our students to enjoy the creative process, and to find fulfillment in discovering their own artistic voice.


Sample curriculum

Copy of Spring curriculum

Impressionism study
Bird portrait
Miro surrealism
Pop art-Haring study
Abstraction-Mondrian study
Fresco study
Collage study
Pointillism study
Abstract-Kandinsky study