Welcome to ArtisticallyAbled, a creative and social experience in the arts for children of all abilities!

Here at ArtisticallyAbled, our goal is to provide your child with the opportunity to explore, express, create, and make friends in our FUN and inclusive setting devoted to the visual arts. We paint! We draw! We sculpt! We craft! All in a low-pressure environment that celebrates the artist inside us all.

However, what makes ArtisticallyAbled truly unique is that it is a completely inclusive program designed for ALL. Our studio, every project we develop, and every class we teach has been designed for children who thrive with a “traditional” classroom structure and for kids who do best with individualized modifications…and we work proactively to cultivate a welcoming, safe, and collaborative environment that stimulates and celebrates students of all backgrounds. 

How is this possible? Well, for starters, our program directors have a background in both the arts and teaching methodologies that allow us to offer creative, stimulating, and modifiable classes, a combination that leads to a fulfilling arts experience for all kids regardless of their background. 

We also offer different ways to participate in our program. Children can participate independently or with a parent or a chaperone/aide. They can enroll in multi-session classes led by an instructor, sign up for less structured à la carte classes that allow them to engage in art of their choice, or drop in for art stations and fun games/activities. 

Bottom line: it’s our hope to provide all budding artists with an equal opportunity to make art, make friends, and make memories. Let’s get creative together!

*If your child is looking for a highly technical fine-arts class, this program may not be the most suitable fit. Please call us if you have any questions about whether our class is appropriate for your child.

A group of preschool or kindergarten children in art class painting pictures at a table.  A little African American boy, 6 years old, is in the middle, reaching over to dip his brush in the paint.

Why do we at ArtisticallyAbled think it’s so important to cultivate an “inclusive” program like ours?

The answer can be boiled down to one word: exposure.

Every child deserves exposure to the arts, and every child benefits from exposure to a diverse group of peers. 

In our studio and beyond, we are passionate about creating a world that offers just that.

Two boys working on art project for school with heads close together in concentration.

art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

-edgar degas


We designed ArtisticallyAbled with three overarching and intersecting missions in mind:

1) We aim to create inclusive extracurricular and social opportunities in the arts for children who may not otherwise have access to them … opportunities that allow our kids with disabilities to experience a typical and fun-filled activity that is 100% designed for them and for their typically-developing peers.

2) We strive to cultivate an environment of awareness, acceptance, and celebration of our differences, and we advocate for the adoption of these practices in the community at large — not just in our studio.

3) We aim to foster an environment where peer modeling and peer leadership are an inherent part of our creative programming, to the benefit of all of our student artists. 


Perhaps the question we’re asked most often is this: “Who can enroll?”

When we say “inclusive art instruction for all children,” we do in fact mean all!

Whether your child is considered “typical” or has a specific diagnosis, classification, and/or physical disability … whether he needs the help of an aide/therapist or can attend independently … whether she has a gaggle of friends or feels like she doesn’t always fit in … this program is for them! Our projects — and our teaching to them — have been designed to be modified, adapted, and completely tailored to each individual artist, and we strive to create an inviting space where all feel welcome.

Furthermore, beyond the benefits of an individualized art education (and the art experience itself) is the group benefit of the inclusive environment we are cultivating.

Research suggests that children with disabilities learn more, learn more quickly, and better maintain learned skills when working with typically-developing peer models than when they don’t. (And it’s important to note that these skills are not limited to the art curriculum that we at ArtisticallyAbled specifically address in our classes. They can include language skills, social skills, discrimination tasks, group attending, etc.)

At the same time, typically-developing peer models stand to gain invaluable life and learning experiences. Serving as peer models/leaders helps students foster awareness of, acceptance of, and empathy for people who are different from them; it aids in the development of leadership skills; it teaches cooperation; and it gives them experience working in groups of diverse people.

And if that research wasn’t compelling enough, studies also suggest that both students with disabilities and their typically-developing peers experience increased engagement with tasks when working together.

Students conversing in art class

every child is an artist.

– pablo picasso

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ArtisticallyAbled is a family-owned and -operated business founded by three sisters who are passionate about the arts and inclusive arts education. Our hearts and souls are invested in the work we do, and we are fiercely committed to creating a fulfilling experience for our students of all abilities. Click through below to read more about our co-founders/program directors. 

Megan Duffy Cassella
Caitlin Duffy
Lauren Duffy Beswick

                Megan Duffy Cassella, MA, BCBA

                                    Caitlin Duffy Soldo

                              Lauren Duffy Beswick

                  Program Director, ABA Artiste

       Program Director, Administrator d’Arts

 Program Director, Architecte des Opéraciones